Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
I New Words
1. Scamper
2. Hurried
3. Popped
4. Disappeared
5. Whiskers
6. Fountains
7. Followed
8. Waistcoat

II Reading is Fun
1. While listening to the story, what did Alice see?
Ans: While listening to the story Alice saw a white rabbit scamper by.
2. What was different about the rabbit that Alice saw?
Ans: This white rabbit was a talking rabbit wearing a waistcoat with pink eyes, carrying one umbrella and watch.
3. Where did the rabbit go?
Ans: Rabbit jumped into a rabbit hole.
4. How did Alice reach wonderland?
Ans: She reached wonderland by opening the window by a golden key.
5. What strange things did Alice see?
Ans: Alice saw a number of strange things like a talking rabbit, a very small house and the garden inside a rabbit hole.
6. Describe in your own words the garden that Alice saw?
Ans: Alice opened the door and looked into the loveliest garden she had ever seen. It was full of amazement it had a number of flowers, fountains and birds. It was very beautiful and bright everywhere.

III Tick the correct answer:
1. The rabbit had
White eyes                big eyes              pink eyes
2. Who was burning with curiosity?
Alice                          The rabbit                 Children
3. Who fell down and down and down?
Alice                          A mouse                    The rabbit
4. Who said -  “Oh, my ears and whiskers? How late it’s getting!”
The rabbit                 Alice                          Sister
5. The garden Alice saw was
big                             lovely                        small

IV Let’s write
1. Find one word from the story that means:
a.  To walk fast       - running     (page 67 1st line)
b. Happy                 - delight       (page 68 4th line)
c.   At once               - Suddenly   (page 66 3rd line)
d. Move fast           - Scamper    (page 66 3rd line)
e.  To think              - thought     (page 66 7th line)
f.    To be seen nowhere - disappeared (page 67 20th line)
g.  To be inquisitive       -      curiosity (page 66 13th line)      

2. Opposite Words:
a.  Lovely          × ugly
b. Talking         × Silent
c.   Listening      × Unlistening
d. See               × unsee
e.  Centre         × Corner