I New Words
1.  Library
2.  Wide
3.  Galore
4.  Skinny
5.  Shelves
6.  Wonderful

II Reading is fun:
1.  What did the library door say?
Ans: Library door say to come in.
2.  What did the books in the library look like?
Ans: Some books are tall and skinny and some are fat.
3.  Why did the child in the poem like looking at the pictures?
Ans: The child like looking at the pictures as they were interesting and telling the stories.

III Fun time
Write some children story books which you like to read.
1.  Indian folk tale
2.  Aesop’s fables
3.  Panchtantra
4.  Arabian nights
5.  Fairy tales

IV Lets Write
Make word families. The first word in each has been written for you.
1.  Ell
W E L L           SH E L L          B E L L             SP E L L           T E L L

2.  ail
T A I L             M A I L            TR A I L           R A I L

3.  ee
S E E                TH R E E         B E E               TR E E

4.  ook
B O O K          L O O K           CR O O K                SH O O K        BR O O K

Fill in the blanks:
1.  A library is a place where books are kept.
2.  An airport is a place where aeroplanes takeoff and land.
3.  A kitchen is a place where food is cooked.
4.  A hospital is a place where sick peoples are taken care of.
5.  A market is a place where you can buy things.
6.  A school
7.   is a place where children study.