Don't be Afraid of The Dark

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark
I New Words:
1. Afraid
2. Dark
3. Rest
4. Harsh
5. Forever
6. Troubles
7. Cease

II Reading is fun.
1. What is the poem about?
Ans: The poem is about dark.
2. What happens when the day is over?
Ans: It is dark everywhere at night and we could not see anything at night.
3. What does the earth do when the day is over?
Ans: The earth takes rest when the day is over.
4. What does the poet want us to do at night?
Ans: The poet wants us not to afraid of the dark and we should let our thoughts travel to friends far and near.
5. Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE.
a.  The poet tells the child to be afraid when it is dark. [False]
b. The poet says that stars will always shine at night. [True]
c.   The poet tells the child to think of friends after it is dark. [True]

III Word Building
Moon + light             - Moonlight
Good + night             - Goodnight
Water + fall              - Waterfall
Break + fast              - Breakfast
Day + break              - Daybreak
Rain + bow                - Rainbow

1. Find the word in the poem which is the opposite of:
a.  War             × Peace
b. Enemies       × Friends
c.   Gentle         × harsh
d. Light            × dark
e.  Night           × day
f.    Start            × done
2. Write full forms of the following words:
a.  Didn’t          -      Did not
b. Shouldn’t     -      Should not
c.   Wouldn’t     -      Would not
d. Couldn’t      -      Could not
e.  Mustn’t       -      Must not

IV Homophones
1. Too (also)                                - Two (Number 2)
2. One (number 1)                      - won (winner)
3. Deer (an animal)                    - Dear (lovely)
4. Son (father male children)    - Sun (A Star)
5. See (to watch)                        - sea (a water body)
6. Of (from this)                         - off (switch)
7. For (to whom)                        - Four (number 4)
8. Witch (Dracula)                      - which (Wh family)
9. Know (aware)                         - no (Refusal)