Helen Keller

Helen Keller
I New Words
1. Dearly
2. Illness
3. Agreed
4. Important
5. Understand
6. Often
7. Strict

II Reading is Fun:
1. “Something is wrong,” said Helen’s mother. What was wrong with Helen?
Ans: Helen could not hear or see.
2. Although Helen could not hear or see, what kind of girl was she?
Ans: Helen was not able to hear or see but she was very smart.
3. Who agreed to help Helen?
Ans: Miss Sullivan agreed to help Helen.
4. How did Miss Sullivan help Helen?
Ans: Miss Sullivan helped Helen to learn and understand words by sign language. She made her able to express her thoughts with help of sign language.
5. What did Helen learn when the teacher put her hand into running water?
Ans: Helen understood W_A_T_E_R meaning something wet on hand.
6. What was the most important thing that Helen finally understood?
Ans: Helen understood that words are the most important thing.

III Opposite words
1. Always                × Often
2. Sometimes         × Never
3. Important          × Unimportant
4. Birth                   × Die
5. Top                     × Bottom
6. High                    × Low
7. Agree                  × Disagree
8. Wrong                × Right
9. After                   × Before
10.   Bright               × Dull

IV Problem Solving Question:
1. Will you look after my dog while I am on tour.
a.  Look on    b. look after    c. look up   d. look out
2. I object to being kept waiting. You are always late for appointment.
a.  To keep   b. to keeping  c. to being kept d. to