Neha's Alarm Clock

2. Neha’s Alarm Clock
Girija Rani Asthana

I New Words
1.  Snuggles
2.  Mutters
3.  Window sill
4.  Relax
5.  Course
6.  Rush
7.  Adapted
II Reading is Fun
        Tick the correct answer
1.  What time did Neha’s clock ring every morning?
(a)   4’o clock          (b)  9’o clock       (c) 6’o clock
2.  What did the birds say?
(a)  Sleep on             (b)  Wake up      (c) Go and play
3.  What is inside you that makes you get up at the same time every day?
(a)  Our body clock   (b) Our Eyes       (c) Our feet
4.  Put the letters in the right order.
a.  Ilesm          -       SMILE
b.  Marla         -       ALARM
c.   Ocklc          -       CLOCK
d.  Norming    -       MORNING
e.  Edorns        -       SNORED
f.     Wodwin     -       WINDOW

III Let’s Write
1.  Who said these words and to whom?
Who said       To Whom
                “Wake up, dear! Wake up fast!”      Birds               Neha
                “Ma, who woke me up today?”        Neha               Mother
“Why do you sleep at nine                 Mother          Neha
every night?”

2.  Use the help box to fill in the blanks.
a.  Ram was a good football player.
b.  The cows were grazing in the field.
c.   My toys were broken.
d.  Her frock was too long.
e.  The market was closed.
f.     The children were happy.
g.  The flowers were kept in a vase.