I New Words
1.  Carpenter
2.  Queer
3.  Plane
4.  Puzzled
5.  Puppet
6.  Took
7.  Shape
8.  Amazed
9.  Finished
10.    Stiff
11.    Decided

II Reading is Fun:
1.  What did the carpenter buy?
Ans: The carpenter bought a queer piece of wood.
2.  What did he make out of it?
Ans: The carpenter made a puppet out of it.
3.  What did he call his puppet?
Ans: Carpenter named as puppet Pinocchio.
4.  What did Pinocchio say in the end?
Ans: Pinocchio said “I’m glad to be a real boy. I’ll never lie again.”

III Word Building
1.  How many words you can make from the word ‘PINOCCHIO”.
Pin, On, No, In, Hop, Chin, Inch, Coin, Nip, Hip, Chop, Picnic, Con.

IV Lets Write
1.  Make opposites with the words ‘dis’ r ‘in’:-
a.  Respect          ×      disrespect
b.  Able                ×      disable
c.   Efficient         ×      inefficient
d.  Own                ×      disown
e.  Capable          ×      incapable
f.     Secure            ×      insecure
2.  Make naming words by adding ness, ity, ty at the end of the words given below.
a.  Public     -       Publicity
b.  Stupid     -       Stupidity
c.   Forgive   -       Forgiveness
d.  Blind       -       Blindness
e.  Kind        -       kindness
f.     Polite      -       politely
g.  Swift       -       swiftly
h.  Moral     -       morally
i.      Solid       -       solidity
j.      Cruel       -       cruelness
3.  Which of the following would you expect a carpenter to use at work.
Bench, plane, chisel, blotting paper, pincers, jaw, hammer, nails.