-Mary Daunt
I New Words
1.  Raindrops
2.  Beneath
3.  Breeze
4.  Hillside
5.  Meadow
6.  Merry
II Reading is Fun
1.  What does the poem tell us to do?
Ans: The poem is telling us to Run.
2.  Write about the places where the poet wants us to run.
Ans: The poet want us to run into the city, out to the country, down the hillside, through the meadows and to run through all the day.

III Lets’s Spell
Some letters are missing in each word. Write ee or ea in each word.
1.  Tr ­e  e s
2.  Pl e a se
3.  T e a se
4.  T e a ch
5.  Sl e e p
6.  B e e p
7.  F e e t
8.  M e e t
IV Lets Write
Answer the questions by looking at the picture on the opposite page.
1.  What is Mohan practicing in picture 4?
He is practicing high jump.
2.  What are Anil and his friends pulling in picture 3?
They are pulling rope.
3.  Where are the boats racing in picture 2?
Boats are racing in the river.
4.  What are the boys doing in picture 1?
They are running.
5.  What are the girls doing in picture 6?
They are swimming in the picture.