The Donkey / I had a little Pony

I New words:
1.   Donkey
2.   Wallop
3.   Lady
4.   Whipped
5.   Lent
6.   Lashed
7.   Mire
8.   Hire

II Reading is Fun
1.   Another word for wallop is Beating. Would the child hit donkey?
Ans: No, The child would not hit the donkey.

2.   What would the child give the donkey?
Ans: The child would give hay and some corn.

3.   What is a pony?
Ans: A baby horse.

4.   What did the lady do to the pony?
Ans: She whipped and lashed him.
5.   What did the child decide to do?
Ans: To never led the pony to the lady again.

III Lets Write:
       Write 5 lines about your Pet or an animal you        love.           
1.   I have a dog.
2.   His name is Tommy.
3.   It eats biscuits, chapatti and drinks milk.
4.   It guards our house.
5.   It is a faithful animal.
6.   I love my pet.