The Giving Tree

Adapted from – ‘The Giving Tree’
by Shel Silverstein
I New Words
1.   Swing
2.   Delicious
3.   Pluck
4.   Trip
5.   Sail
6.   Stump
7.   Recognised

II Reading is fun:
1.   How did the boy enjoy the company of the tree?
Ans: The boy would visit tree and enjoy its company by swinging on branches, eating apples and playing under the shade.
2.   How did the tree help the boy earn money?
Ans: The tree offered his apple to sell it in the market and earn money.
3.   What did the boy make with the branches of the tree?
Ans: The boy made a house with the branches of the tree.
4.   What did the boy make with the trunk of the tree?
Ans: The boy made a boat with the trunk of the tree.
5.   How was the stump of the tree useful?
Ans: The stump of the tree was useful as the old man sat on it and took rest.

III Word Building
1.   Make new words and complete the sentences.
a.   The children love to sing loudly. (Loud)
b.   Read your lesson silently. (Silent)
c.    Throw the ball slowly. (slow)
d.   The tree gave its fruit to the boy happily. (happy)
e.   Do your work neatly. (neat)
2.   Fill in the blanks with the correct word.
My mother went to the market and bought a kilogram of apple (apple / apples), a dozen bananas (banana / bananas) and a dozen oranges (oranges / orange).
I love oranges. So I ate an orange (oranges / orange). My brother wanted a banana (banana / bananas) and my sister asked for an apple (apple / apples). A tree has one trunk (trunk / trunks) but many branches (branch / branches).  A branch (branch / branches) has a number of  leaves (leaf / leaves) and flowers (flower / flowers).

3.   Opposite words
a.   Come        ×       Go
b.   Often        ×       Rarely
c.    Sell            ×       Purchase
d.   Busy          ×       Free
e.   Pleasant  ×       Unpleasant