The Little Fir Tree

I New Words
1. Pretty
2. Needles
3. Leaves
4. Gold
5. Stole
II Reading is Fun.
1. Tick the correct answer.
a.  The pretty little fir tree was happy with gold leaves but
a goat came and ate them
all the leaves got wet in the rain.
a man stole them.

b. The fir tree was sad….
because it had yellow leaves
because it had needle like leaves
because it was very short

III Word Building
1. Change opposite and rewrite the sentence.
a.  Rina won the race.
Rina lost the race.
b. I love eating vegetables.
I hate eating vegetables.
c.   This glass of milk is full.
This glass of milk is empty.
d. The old man is wise.
The old man is foolish.
2. Write opposite using ‘un’ or ‘im’
a.  Happy          ×     Unhappy
b. Polite           ×     Impolite
c.   Seen             ×     Unseen
d. Proper         ×     Improper
e.  Lucky           ×     Unlucky
f.    Possible ×     Impossible
g.  Important    ×     Unimportant
h. Perfect         ×     Imperfect
i.     Healthy        ×     Unhealthy
j.     Safe             ×     Unsafe
k.  Patient        ×     Impatient
l.     Pure             ×     impure 
3. Which of the action would make others happy/unhappy.
Action that make people happy
Action that make people unhappy
Respecting Elders
Not saying thank you
Being polite
Not sharing
Playing with friends
Watching television all day
Visiting a sick friend
Telling lies
Caring for pets
Being greedy
Being honest
Getting angry easily