The Milkman's Cow

-        Vidya Pradhan
1. Milkman
2. Mood
3. Middle
4. Refused
5. Policeman
6. Grocer
7. Wrestler
8. Ice cream
9. Prayed

II Reading is fun:
1. Why did the cow refused to get up?
Ans: The cow was in bad mood and hungry so it refused to get up.
2. Name those who tried to make the cow move.
Ans: The milkman, Policemen, grocer, wrestler, ice cream man came and tried to make the cow move.
3. Who finally made the cow get up and how?
Ans: A little boy finally made the cow to get up by giving a sheaf of green grass.

III Word Building
1. Circle the words which describe the boy.
Cruel            Clever          big               kind
happy          gentle          angry           little
2. Fill in the blanks using the words given at the end of the sentence.
a.  Insects can crawl on the wall. (can / cannot)
b. The grocer was unable to move the cow. (able        / unable)
c.   It was easy for the boy to make the cow get up. (easy / difficult)
d. Children cannot walk on their head. (can / cannot)
e.  Sometimes love and kindness may succeed where force will fail. (succeed / fail)
f.    We should be kind to animals. (kind / cruel)

IV Lets write.
1. Change simple present to simple past Tense
a.  Pull       pulled
b. Lead      led
c.   Come    came
d. Say        said
e.  Begin    began
f.    Know    knew
g.  Learn    learnt
h. Pray      `prayed
i.     Tug        tugged


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