Wake Up


I New Words
1. Lovely
2. Buzzing
3. Sleepy Head
4. Tiniest


II Reading is Fun
Q1: What do you think birds say to each other in the morning?
Ans: Wake up.
Q2: Who are already awake?
Ans: Birds, cow, horses, ducks, sheep and chickens are awake.
Q3: Which creatures wake up in the morning before the child does?
Ans: Creatures like birds, horse, ducks, sheep and chickens woke up before the child does.
III Lets’s Write
1.  Connect the pairs of sentences below using and or but.
a.  It is time to get up for school.
b.  I want to sleep for some more time.
Ans: It is time to get up for the school but I want to sleep for some more time.
a.  Sheila got some chocolates for her birthday.
b.  She got some new clothes too.
Ans: Sheila got some chocolates and some new clothes.
a.  Everyone has gone to sleep.
b.  I want to read my book.
Ans: Everyone has gone to sleep but I want to read my book.
a.  Raju plays cricket.
b.  He also plays hockey.
Ans: Raju plays cricket and hockey.
2.  Fill in the blanks according to the example given below:
Tiny                 tinier               tiniest
Big                  Bigger            biggest
Sleepy            sleepier          sleepiest
Love               lovelier           loveliest
Round            round            round
Small              smaller          smallest
Good              better            best