I New Words:

II Reading is fun:
1.Name the few things that sink.
Ans: Marble, lead, stone etc. sinks.
2.List a few questions that the little boy asks.
Ans: 1. Why wood should swim?
         2. Why sun should shine?
         3. Why we eat and drink?
3.What sort of a boy is described in the poem?
(a)       Sad              (b) Curious              (c) Brave
Ans: (b) Curious

III Word Building:
1.Fill in the blanks with the words from the poem which rhyme with the coloured words in the sentences.
1.Why is the Sky so high?
2. Do you know the colour of snow?
3. Have you found who made the sound?
4. Put the glass in the sink after you finish your drink.

2.The spellings of these words are jumbled. Put them right and make sentences of your own.
a. WOKN        KNOW        I know how to do this.
b.      WISM        SWIM         I can swim in the river.
c. DAEL           LEAD           Lead sinks in water.   
d.      BLARME   MARBLE     Marble also sinks in water.
e.LLIHS           HILLS           There are hills in my village.

IV. Opposite Words:
1.Curious             ×           Dumb
2.Sink                    ×           Float
3.Behind        ×           Front
4.Die              ×           Live
5.Found                ×           Lost